Scarlet sails

In the night from 19th to 20th June 2010 in Saint Petersburg for the sixth time a school leavers’ celebration “Scarlet Sails” took place.

Day of Russia

Day of Russia is quite a young holiday but every year more and more people gather on 12th of July in the Palace Square of Saint-Petersburg, more and more people want freedom, justice and civil peace for their country.

International Children's Day 2010

The Palace Square turned into a magic country with participation of musicians, acrobats, circus actors, children and their parents.

Victory Day in Ice Palace

On the threshold of Victory Day in Ice Palace of Saint Petersburg a celebration concert for thousands of veterans of war took place. Preparation for this day was very serious and early. Our company was doing the casting of soloists, orchestra, choir and some ensembles as well as preparation of the music which was used by the organizers of the event for dramatized prologue – a quintessence of the tragic events of 1941-1945. At the concert songs of those times were sung, fragments from the letters were read and dancing groups and choirs were performing…

Saint-Petersburg International Kinoforum 2010

Kinoforum is an ambitious Saint Petersburg’s bid, as cultural capital of Russia, for the whole world.
With the support of city’s administration, Saint-Petersburg’ International Festivals and Celebrations Center set up an annual film festival. 

Governor's Cup

16th to 18th April 2010 in Yubileyny Sports Palace the fourth International dancesport tournament took place - “Governor’s Cup 2010”.

Movie music concert in "Event Hall" (Warsaw Express Mall)

Obvodniy channel 118
18th september 2009

Movie music concert

25th june 2009, 21:00 Music Hall